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Ektukhani Dao Abosor | Nazrulgeeti
Sayantan Adhikary & Sreyashi Chakraborty
Genre : Nazrulgeeti Lyrics
Composition : Kazi Nazrul Islam
Music Design / Harmonium : Snigdhadeb Sengupta
Guitar : Mrinalkanti Das (Jagan)
Keyboard : Samriddhi Mukhopadhyay | Tabla / Sree Khol : Subhaas Paul
Octapad : Manoj Rath Sound : Hashi Panchal
Lights : Soumen Chakraborty | Video : Nilargha Banerjee &
Team Edit : Anwesha Das


Released: June 4, 2024 © SrinivasMusic‬
Who We Are

About Srinivas Music

Music comprises of Nritya (dance), Geeti (song) and Vadya (instrument). Music is something that people create and something that people respond to. In simple words music makes us “feel good” and creates “emotions”.
SRINIVAS MUSIC believes in production and promotion of “feel good” music.

Started in 2013, with production of Audio CDs, Srinivas Music had launched more than 100 music cds within a span of 1 year as a MUSIC LABEL. Although Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti being the forte of Srinivas Music, its has also produced Adhunik, Sufi and Folk music/videos apart from recitation, short films and micro-series.

At present Srinivas Music is a MUSIC LABEL with digital distribution and digital promotions catering both existing and newcomers who are serious about music. Along with a goal of providing a platform to talented budding artists, we are striving to give our listeners some high-quality music, video and shorts.

In an environment where YouTube is saturated with numerous music channels (not established music labels) producing subpar content, Srinivas Music has consistently maintained a standard of excellence by creating high-quality videos for discerning music enthusiasts. We prioritize artistry over instant success and subscriber count. Our dedication has been recognized with a MIRCHI MUSIC AWARD and has received acclaim from various institutions and music listeners in our community.

If you have any tune/lyrics/voice that you think people will vibe with, drop us a mail at:
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Our dedication to excellence has been recognized with a prestigious MIRCHI MUSIC AWARD

We are passionate about discovering and nurturing new talent. By offering a platform for budding artists, we help them reach a wider audience and realize their potential.


Discovering and nurturing new talent

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We released over 100 audio CDs & Music Videos

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